Experience in the use of Valgosocks

The story was told, Ivan Prague. The girl told me the problem and tell me how you managed to get rid of the bone of the foot, socks Valgosocks.

Experience in the use of Valgosocks

My grandmother suffered from too many of the bones near the big toe, I remember the curve of the leg, which brought in a lot of pain. I knew that, genetically, the disease can be transmitted, but because the mother was not such a problem, preventive measures, I don't particularly care. Never would I have thought that is related to this problem.

As I started to have problems with the bones of the leg

Problem is the bumps on the legs I started when I found a position as manager administrator of one of the best restaurant in the city. According to the dress code, always wear shoes, the heel height of 10 cm, in this case, all the 10 days had to be carried out in standing position, Crouch was only possible at lunchtime. Of course, my legs were tired really, but I thought it was just not used to it, that it goes away soon. Somehow reduce the pain, I'm in the bath salt, used cooling gel.

A month after this job, I noticed that the bone of the foot noticeably bigger, very red. I remembered that my grandmother rubbed the sore place a little infusion. I asked my mother what it was the tool gave me this recipe. Well, there was no antidote. Unfortunately, this is a very silly, because, first, that the grandmother won't help, on the other hand, it was necessary not to delay the solution of the problem to the specialist.

Then how evil my partner went on vacation, and I'm 3 weeks working without a day. During this time, the condition of the leg deteriorated significantly, the finger became very crooked, the pain was such that sleep at night, just after a dose of sleeping pills, painkillers. I picked up my shoes was impossible, so I had to buy shoes a few sizes too big, that back somehow partner or immediately go to the hospital.

I managed to eliminate all problems due to the socks Valgosocks

In general, the last couple of days just hell: I tried all the ointments, tinctures, compresses, which I was able to read on the Internet, but the result was not. I read a lot of information about this disease, I went to the long-awaited appointment with the podiatrist with full confidence that I can help, only surgery. The doctor examined me, he said that the need for surgery, but the high heels I wear not at all, at least at the time of treatment. The treatment the doctor prescribed me to you socks Valgosocks. He noticed the disbelief that such a treatment, the specialist must be very effective, and many patients managed to get rid of the only problem with this corrector.

In general, the job had to go, like a long vacation I couldn't give you. I bought socks Valgosocks started to wear. A few weeks later, I couldn't believe it – my fingers began to level, the tumor is gone, the pain wasn't as strong, and only after a long stay in motion. I decided to give myself time to relax, rest stop, the result has not kept itself waiting long – already after 2 months, the socks I was wearing, not regularly, but only after the Shoe heel. A month later it was no longer necessary. I'm very sorry that there were no such correctors grandma would be very useful.

Now, comfort shoes, orthopedic store near, not too high heels. Sometimes, of course, allow yourself fashion, shoes, high heel shoes, after which, by the way, my legs are tired, than before. Now I know that this is not a rule, and that my feet hurt after any exercise. I hope this review will be useful to read the girls don't suffer from bunion the foot, but you will be able to live a full life by using socks Valgosocks.