The surgery, hallux valgus

This is a pathological change in the external failure brings discomfort to people. So, there is a disturbance in the blood circulation in this area, as well as developing arthritis. The long walk, the standard deviation will increase the damage to the ankle joint.

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Several main reasons why valgus deformity of the big toe:

  • violation of functions of organs of the endocrine system;
  • longitudinal, transverse platypodia;
  • weakness of the joints;
  • the age-related physiological changes in elderly patients;
  • a genetic trait.

The results of the study showed that the disease often affects ballet dancers, and women who every day wear high-heeled shoes. The people who hanged the flexibility of the joint tissue over time may develop the disease, the first of the arch formation, and hallux valgus.

Features of the development of the disease

Usually the disease is slow, it makes diagnosis at an early stage. To treat this period much simpler for the correction of foot special orthopedic devices.

Some patients think that deformity 1 toe of the feet is a normal corn. The treatment begins of different methods of folk medicine, while the disease continues to progress. It is worth noting, that early tuberculosis is a soft structure, but only with the development of rough.

The advanced stage of the disease can be observed a pronounced curvature, not only the thumb, but also all adjacent. This pathology is caused by the formation of corns, is formed in the ingrown toenail.

Stage hallux valgus big toe:
  • in the first stage, the curvature of the thumb does not exceed 25 degrees;
  • in the second stage, observed the curvature of the first toe of more than 25 degrees;
  • the last section includes a curvature of more than 35 degrees.
This is the curvature of the bone determines the necessary surgical intervention. Sometimes restoration is required only medical treatment with the different devices.

foot valgus in children

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valgus flat foot in young children may be from birth or occurs later in the growth process. In the first case of the disease found, as soon as the baby is born. Such deviations are the result of intrauterine diseases, as well as a disease after the mother's body during pregnancy.

Acquired such a deviation from the weak ligaments, and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. To notice such errors, it's just that in the first year of a child's life when you have to do the first steps. Muscle hypotension, in which the formation of the pathology, occurs in preterm babies. Such cases were observed in those children who in early infancy had multiple colds.

Often this difference is a consequence of the rickets. In addition to the problem of hallux valgus the big toe is often found in children, excess body weight. So, the excessive load on the joints and fingers bend.

If the child wants to take the first steps don't occur, the whole foot on the floor, only just reaches the middle part, should be measured. This function is the main symptom of hallux valgus of the feet.


Before starting the therapy, the patient is required to wear special shoes in which the disease does not progress. The pain this disease often occurs, because the two different shoes. The foot is squeezed, and the inflammatory process begins to develop again. However, this only relieves the unpleasant symptoms, but get rid of the curvature is impossible.

Injection, the content of corticosteroids may inhibit the inflammatory process. It also helps to relieve the pain, but the knot remains in place. Treatment of hallux valgus begins with the introduction of injection. Such a treatment, the doctor before the surgery to correct bursitis.

Eliminate the disease with the help of various advanced techniques in the science of medicine, but the surgery is still considered the most effective treatment method. Using these measures do not solve the following problems:

  • to reconstruct the modified bone, correctly, that direct towards others;
  • to eliminate the bursitis in the first-to-toe;
  • the correct placement of the muscles around, to avoid further repetition of the pathology.

When the greatest degree of curvature are needed for the complete removal of the growth. The surgery is performed in the following way:

  • open up the skin around the bumps;
  • then use the special tool to build up remove;
  • the skin eye common network.

However, such an operation hallux valgus only in the most extreme cases, when other ways to resolve this issue is impossible. In other situations, the bone is returned to the correct position.

Different types of operations

Before choosing the desired method of operation hallux valgus should learn possible contraindications, as well as the accuracy to determine the severity of the pathology. If there is a primary stage of the disease, and to apply the saving surgery, not to damage the soft tissue.

The main purpose of this surgery believe the removal of the external error, which is unacceptable from an aesthetic point of view, as well as pain while walking. However, in the last stage, this operation is not carried out. The main danger is that often after the procedure the patient after a time, the newly formed pathology.

This type of surgery is not a complete intersection. However, all actions are controlled by the surgeon through x-ray diagnostics. Both sides produced 2 stab. Special tools to break the capsule of the joint. So, to restore the correct position of the big toe. While minimally invasive surgery is not to install special devices for fixation of the leg joint.

Remove the bones in the hallux valgus, the mode of operation:
  • the community must be fixed to completely exclude the possibility of its movement;
  • to rectify the error by mixing metatarsal bone;
  • then the bone fragments are fixed with a compression tool;
  • the exposed surface of the capsule stitched to each other seam;
  • apply a sterile bandage.

During this type of surgery is also necessary to control operations through x-rays. This is because the range of permissible displacement of the bones is limited. The operation under local or general anesthesia. It depends on the individual characteristics of the patient.

Contraindications complications

When found hallux valgus, the treatment is not always allowed means that the surgery:
  1. Severe disease of the blood vessels.
  2. If a peripheral lesion of the foot. This disease is common in people with a large amount of glucose in the blood.
  3. The disruption of hematopoiesis.
  4. Infectious disease, purulent in nature.

Arthritis does not preclude the possibility of surgical intervention. However, this creates a special control over the patient, when recovering from surgery.

Complications can occur after the surgery:
  • the formation of blood clots;
  • tissue damage infection;
  • loss of motor function of the operated finger.
  • nerve damage;
  • swelling of allergic nature;
  • the sensitivity-decrease;
  • pain's case.

All these differences occur, only in exceptional situations. Usually, the patients, regardless of age to carry out this operation, without any consequences. If the deformation has been observed for several years, and they don't do the treatment, even after surgical intervention, to stay the pain.When I was diagnosed hallux valgus, surgery is the most effective method of treatment.


Recovery after surgery

After surgery to correct hallux valgus of the first toe of the foot, carefully follow all recommendations of the specialist. Depends on how fast the healing. In addition, the patient must regularly visit the doctor during the rehabilitation period. This is because sometimes requires additional therapeutic measures to remedy the problem.

After the patient is sent home, he asked for a special knitting keeps the hands. In some cases, even prescribe to wear special shoes, but most often it is recommended to purchase orthopedic on the hallux valgus. The stitches are removed usually on the day 14 after surgery. The whole time the foot must be protected from water intrusion. While in the shower need to put a plastic bag over the leg.

In addition, you need to carefully monitor the condition of the bandage, in order to prevent displacement. If you ignore these simple rules is often a relapse occurs, which creates a need for a second surgery.

In the early days, when it passes after the surgery, just moving with the aid of special canes, walkers. This is because the et is operated, are not yet ready for the heavy loads. Gradually increase the pressure. After 2 weeks you can move without any equipment, but only in the short term.

The foot is not exposed to the swelling must be kept to a raised condition. Sometimes even recommend applying ice, but is allowed only with the permission of the doctor.


To prevent the development of valgus deformity of the first toe of the foot, you should perform the following preventive recommendations:
  • periodically visit an orthopedic doctor;
  • for everyday wear, choose comfortable shoes with a low heel, pointy nose;
  • wear insoles valgus deformation of the big toe;
  • when the work involves the movement, then you need to give yourself proper rest breaks.

In addition to these recommendations, to avoid valgus flat foot in the adults, it is necessary to completely rebuild your lifestyle to perform gymnastic exercises. The most effective is to roll some round thing in your feet, then lift them with your fingers. If the feet valgus, in adults, to massage. To do this, you need to start massaging the calf, gradually decreasing to the feet.

Mainly after the surgery, the patients have at least 4 day hospital stay under the supervision of professionals. That's why you shouldn't go home immediately, medical help may be necessary, at any time.